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Your Behavior Matters More Than the Market


Most Firms Manage Money. We Manage People.


Anyone Will Manage Your Money. Who’s Managing You?

Avoid the Big Mistake

It only takes one Big Mistake to erase decades of saving, investing and planning.  Ever heard the term penny wise and pound foolish?  Is your investment portfolio picking up pennies in front of a steamroller?  You know a stitch in time saves nine, same concept with financial plans.  There are many examples of the Big Mistake but a few of the major mistakes can be found by clicking below.

Protecting your Legacy

As Warren Buffett said, you can sit in the shade tomorrow because of the tree you planted today.Investment accounts, Retirement plans, 401k, IRAs, 529s, Charitable giving and Trust management are all part of helping build protect your legacy.

Wealth Management

At it's simplest, investing is saving - a boring, slow, marathon process.  If you want excitement go to Las Vegas and put your money on black.  When it comes to Wealth Management PCWM subscribes to the principle of detailed, specific plans built with goals and benchmarks. We don't trade, buy and sell for the excitement.   Don't just do something, sit there.   Get advice, build a plan.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial plans incorporate communication, trust, honesty, follow up and details.  It's not the Red Carpet or Box Seats. Your income, budget, taxes, wills & trusts, healthcare directives, real estate, insurance, mortgages & investments are all part of the plan.

Our Areas of Expertise

Market Summary

College Planning

Rising education costs require a forward-thinking plan. The professionals at PCWM can help you prepare for one of life’s biggest investments. Advanced Financial Planning tools and a variety of educational IRA, 529 and/or UTMA/UGMA accounts will allow you to build funds for your children's education and help them launch a career.

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401k & IRA Rollovers

Managing your company’s 401k program can seem complicated, but the professionals at PCWM can help make it easier. Our benefit strategies will help leave your employees in good standing.  We also are experts in IRA & 401k rollovers & funding.

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