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Avoid the Big Mistake

The professionals at Pacific Coast Wealth Management are committed to working with clients to help them avoid "The Big Mistakes" that can erase years of saving, planning and investing. Examples of "The Big Mistakes" include:

  1. Extreme Risks - Your uncle's biotech pick - or that Private Oil Company venture. Ask us for more crazy examples!
  2. Out of Date or No Legal Documents - no will, trust or updated directives?  Your heirs may then have to pay a probate attorney fees, which can add up & wait in long lines for a judge to divide your estate!!
  3. Lapsed or No Insurance - Fuss over which stock or fund but forget to insure & you could ruin your credit & may pay thousands and waste a big chunk of your savings!!
  4. Not Using Tax Deductible Savings Vehicles - You pay hundreds for your cell, cable & internet but don't fund IRAs & 401ks!!
  5. Excesssive Commissions, Fees or Lock Ups - subpar or riskier than you realize investments with surrender penalties - we could go on & on!!