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Our Company

The licensed professionals at Pacific Coast Wealth Management offer all-encompassing services for our clients. Research proves that most investors underperform the markets in general and their own investment funds due to poor investment decisions.  PCWM focuses on investment behavior, choices, decisions, risk tolerance and communication to build a long term financial plan crafted and monitored carefully with each client.

Our professionals considers a clients' complete financial situation; their ability to handle risk and sleep at night, their income, spending, taxes, mortgage, insurance, trust, wills, real estate holdings, and investment portfolio.  This top down view of a clients overall wealth combined with a bottom up view of a clients risk tolerance, decision tendencies and time horizon create the foundation of a financial plan. PCWM strives for a high-level of customer satisfaction. When our clients are truly confident in their financial stability, we have done our job.

Our Commitment - Avoid the Big Mistakes    

The professionals at Pacific Coast Wealth Management are committed to working with clients to help them avoid "The Big Mistakes" that can erase years of saving, planning and investing.   Examples of "The Big Mistakes" include:

  1. Extreme Risks  - Your uncle's biotech pick - or that Private Company venture.  Ask us for more crazy examples!
  2. No or Out of Date Legal Documents - no will, trust or updated docs?  Pay Probate Attorney fees that can add up & wait in long lines!!
  3. No or Lapsed insurance - Fuss over which stock or fund but forget to insure & you could ruin your credit & you may pay thousands!!
  4. Not Using Tax Deductible Savings Vehicles - You pay hundreds for your cell, cable & internet but don't fund IRAs & 401ks!!
  5. Excessive Commissions, Fees or Lock Ups on subpar or riskier than you realize investments - we could go on & on!!

Our Principle - Stick to the Plan or Build it

A Financial Plan requires trust and communication.  The professionals at PCWM build relationships because we function as our clients':

  1. Bartender - we listen to all your hopes and dreams, fears and griefs without judgment.
  2. Your Priest - tell us the bad news; it's confidential & important that we know.
  3. Your Counselor - we listen and give feedback, advice and practical suggestions.
  4. Your Financial Coach - we instruct, remind, encourage, teach and if need be correct & rebuke. 

Our Process

Pacific Coast Wealth Management has a detailed process to help provide outstanding results to our clients:

  1. Face to face or web conference meetings to discuss current situation and review current paperwork//
  2. Personal or phone meetings to build a comprehensive financial plan using a highly secure, mobile technology based planning engine for all of your assets, holdings and expenses.  
  3. Use technology and communication to monitor and update financial plan.  Track progress from your mobile phone, computer or paper statements.
  4. Biannual or Quarterly personal meetings or web conferences.  Quarterly Review Conference calls.  Online account access, paper statements, 3rd party custodian to verify safety & value of your holdings.  Monthly, Quarterly and Trade confirmation documents. Tax Documents.