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Wealth Management

The professionals at PCWM use the highest ethical standards, product independence and some of the leading edge investment tools to manage the wealth of our clients.  

  1. PCWM is Independent by choice - Most people and firms talk their own book.  They sell or recommend what their firm pitches or specializes in.  The professionals at PCWM are free to choose from investment solutions that best suit you, not our corporate mandate.  We are not limited to one investment perspective, one set of products, one fee structure or commission plan.  At PCWM all wealth management, trading & securities are offered through Kestra Investment Services, LLC and Kestra Advisory Services, LLC which is a leading Independent Brokerage & Advisory firm. Your financial securities are custodied with National Financial Services, LLC ("NFS"). NFS custodies & issues reports on the value of your assets on a monthly or at a minimum on a quarterly basis. This third party custodian is what clients of Bernie Madoff did not have.

  1. The Professionals at PCWM act as a Fiduciary -  A fiduciary relationship is generally viewed as the highest standard of customer care available under law.  Fiduciary duty includes both a duty of care and a duty of loyalty. Collectively, and generally speaking, these duties require a fiduciary to act in the best interest of the customer, and to provide full and fair disclosure of material facts and conflicts of interest. PCWM, the firm, and the licensed professionals at PCWM are both regulated by FINRA and the SEC. The professionals are licensed at both the regulatory and state level and the professionals are held to a fiduciary standard.

  2. PCWM is Experienced - the licensed professionals at PCWM understand the investment brokerage industry, the capital markets business, mutual funds, industry compensation incentives, the precious metals markets, the mortgage markets, international stocks, commodities and currencies, planning software, technology, the influence of monetary & fiscal policy, the results of index funds versus active management in the mutual fund industry.  The professionals at PCWM take into account the implications of a client's taxes, penalties, wills, trusts and legal structures.  
  3. PCWM is on the Cutting Edge - the internet, computing, and mobile technology has increased the spread of information and has had a positive effect on investing and the markets. The professionals at PCWM use the latest technology to build financial plans for clients, mobile technology to make a plan practical, measurable and easy to use.  The professionals at PCWM use the latest technology to choose, manage and implement investment portfolios.  ETFs, Smart Beta, Private Equity, Tax Efficient portfolios, index based portfolios and automated rebalanced portfolios are all tools available to help ensure client success.